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How can you stand by while horrific monsters are targeting innocent people and destroying the city, threatening the very life on Earth? Despite the fact that these nightmares occur in the game world, a true warrior does not stand aside and picks up a virtual weapons and boldly rushes into battle with uncontrolled monsters. Zombie games are a great opportunity to purge the world of the living dead. They can be fired from pistols and machine guns, blow up mines or push all sorts of weights. Fantasy developer knows no limit when it comes to choosing a method to combat the zombies - in the course are, knives, swords, arrows, guns, machine guns, lasers and ultra-modern. The battles take place on the streets of the modern city, in the woods, in the mysterious castle, on other planets and in terrible hellish worlds. Also, the monsters come across very different - there are among them ugly zombie, one look at that shudder, and is also very funny to laugh rather than scary. Rarely zombie shooter game limited to only one type of weapon. Typically, it starts with a very simple gun, but destroying the undead, you can earn game bonuses and buy more new equipment, protection from enemy attacks and increase their own power. Many of the dead are weapons in their ghoulish big hands, and after winning the battle can take possession of it. In some games equipment hidden in the recesses of different game world and you have to be very careful to find it. Not all online games are extremely bloodthirsty zombies. Some toys must first move their brains, not computer muscle. Although the purpose of them is the same - solving logic problems, you should try to destroy as many zombies. There are also a zombie game with races in cars or with known cartoon characters. Some games with the undead may seem very strange. For example, it is possible to dress up a pair of zombies before their upcoming wedding. While not everyone wants to speak out against the undead, and someone will want to stand in their way. Zombie games online, even this game can give. Do not you want to be good or do not like to develop a modern society? Try on the mask of bloodthirsty zombies and destroy everything in sight. You can also participate in the fight against the dead on the other evil spirits, such as vampires. In this section of the site are available a wide variety of flash games about zombies. You can shoot the dead, cut them, crush cars, blow up bombs or join with them in melee. Do not despair if the zombies will be stronger, because the virtual world is always a possibility to replay again.

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